About us

Wood is one of the most precious resources one can find in the natural world. We are inspired by its beauty and unique features like strength, flexibility and uniqueness. Each piece of wood naturally comes with distinct pattern. For three generations, we have used artisanal methods and perfected production techniques to bring the best quality of our wood. 

Our office

Lareco started as a family business in the 1950’s. Our manufacture is located in Podlasie, one of the purest and most beautiful regions of Poland. Here everyone is living close to the nature. It makes us responsible for every decision regarding the sustainability of the wood production. Already a major flooring company in Poland, we are now seeking to cover new grounds with the expansion to foreign markets.

We are thriving to achieve perfection every single day. Decades of experience has allowed us to create high-quality wooden floors. Our calling card is combining modern design with utmost attention to every detail. Choose Lareco flooring and enjoy the real wood under your feet every day!