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Podlasie is the purest and least industrial region of Poland. It is also a home to Lareco company. We feel responsible for the environment that surrounds us. Here, ecology is more than just a trendy word: it’s a commitment to the nature that gifted us with forests and beauty of the wood.

Our manufacturing process is built around sustainability. We are sourcing the wood only from the places that monitor the scale of logging. We offset all our timber by planting new trees

Environmental impact

Lareco is one of the most technologically advanced companies of its kind in Poland. Our manufacturing processes are set to minimize the impact on environment. We use alternative energy sources, including solar power. The production waste is used onsite to fully maximise the potential of wood.

For its sustainability and responsible manufacturing, Lareco has received numerous certifications:

FSC® number C120691 (Forest Stewardship Council) confirms that the timber used for production comes from the forest with sustainable logging policy. This certification sets standards for the responsible forest management, that takes in consideration social, environmental, and economic factors.

CE sign is a declaration that all products made by the manufacturer comply with EU policies.

During the production of engineered wood panels, Lareco is using birch ply. To manufacture that, we follow CARB 2 norms that aim to minimize the amount of chemicals used for production of wood composites.