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Grow your business with Lareco wooden flooring. We have already built a strong market position in Poland, now it’s time to conquer new markets. Become our representative and profit from our growth.


Priority support

One of Lareco experts will become your dedicated team partner. This person will be your direct contact to the company, ready to answer all questions regarding our products. With this support you will close every transaction faster and easier.


Full access to sales and advertising materials

Promote your shop stock with professional sales materials from Lareco. As our Sales Representative, you will be constantly updated on the newest products and technical developments


Create Lareco Zone in your shop

Our professional product display will help you present Lareco floors in the best possible way. Real life samples of every floor type are available to you and your clients, along with catalogues and brochures. Feel free to ask us any question regarding Lareco floors.

How to become Lareco Sales Representative:

  1. Fill out the access form from our website
  2. Our representative will contact you
  3. Together we will determine the scope and details of our partnership
  4. Visit us and get to know the products firsthand

    Register and gain access to Lareco catalogues and brochures

    • Full technical specs, ready to use by architects, business, and private contractors
    • Complete set of high-res 3D materials for architects and designers
    • Full database of Lareco products
    • Lareco flooring samples, identical to the products on offer

    Technical data

    ↓ Product description
    ↓ Product Card
    ↓ Warranty Card – Warranty Terms for Wood Flooring

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    Declarations and protocols

    ↓ Declaration of Performance – Solid Wood Flooring
    ↓ Declaration of Performance – Engineered Wood Flooring
    ↓ Surface Curing Protocol

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    Installation and care

    ↓ Installation and care for lacquered and oiled wooden flooring
    ↓ Flooring installation

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